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As an Oncology Trained Esthetician, The Shirley's Care Program is designed to provide extraordinary service to beyond ordinary individuals. At The Dae Spa, we believe in the healing power of touch and the importance of self-care, especially during challenging times. For this reason, as an Oncology Trained Esthetician, Daesha has launched the Shirley's Care Program.  This program offers a complimentary starter facial package to active oncology patients or survivors at any time.  Our mission is to provide a gentle haven of relaxation and rejuvenation while providing the proper education that will last you a lifetime.  


With the utmost care and compassion, our skilled estheticians create a soothing environment where individuals can unwind and indulge in a moment of tranquility. Our specially tailored facials are designed to address the unique skincare needs prior to treatment, those that arise during treatment, and helping after treatment.  This program takes preventative measures to prepare the skin for any treatment.  Our overall focus is confidence, hydration, comfort, and well-being; each session is tailored to address your current needs. 


At The Dae Spa, it's not just about skin care-it's about offering a moment of solace, a touch of kindness, and a beacon of light for those navigating through challenging times. Remember you deserve this, click enroll now to learn more. 



If you are an Esthetician looking to be trained to offer these amazing services to others please contact Daesha today to learn more about the education and the organization Look Feel Fab.  



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