Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently asked questions

What does my deposit go to and is it refundable?

All deposits are applied to the service or course booked and secures the desired time and date. All deposits or payments are non-refundable or transferable.

If I book online am I still required to pay a deposit?

Yes, if you are a new client, cancelled your last appointment less than 48 hours before, or no-showed you are still required to pay a deposit as soon as you booked. If no deposit is paid the appointment will go back up for grabs. The deposit does go towards the new appointment.

What is your cancellation policy?

All appointments should be cancelled at least 48 hours in advance. The system will not allow you to cancel online after this time frame. If you need to cancel please message Daesha immediately. If you fail to meet this requirement you are at risk of being charged a 35% cancellation fee and if you wish to book again a deposit would be required. In the event that the 35% can not be collected it will be due before you can book again.

When do your books open?

My books are open every 45 days to the date. You are able to book as far in advance as the system allows.

Why is the calendar greyed out?

If you do not see the available date/time that does mean it is booked. All clients are welcome to inquire about squeeze-in/early or late hour appointments. If the appointment is outside of my normal hours or on an off day there is an additional $20 fee applied to the service. I do offer extra hours at times in which this fee will not apply

What do I need to do before my appointment?

You should come to any appointment with a bare face meaning no makeup of any kind. If you currently have lashes on that was not The Dae Spa's work please note that we do not do foreign fills and a removal might be needed. If a removal can not be done due to failure to inform or note a removal is needed the appointment can be cancelled and cancellation fees can apply

What if I forgot to confirm my appointment?

Your appointment is cancelled if it was not confirmed at least 24 hours in advance and generally given to a waitlisted client. We only work off of confirmed appointments

What if I develop an allergic reaction from the products used?

Please understand that all services provided are beauty services and at no point can I be certain that one may react to any product used. In the event that an allergic reaction is developed due to lashes I do free removals and a 20% refund or deduction from a new service if informed within 24 hours

Why can't I log in to the Academy tab?

If you are not a current or previous student you do not have access to this area

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