Before booking your experience with The Dae Spa,

Please read the following terms below:


Eyelash Service Waiver 


This waiver is designed to ensure that the customer is fully aware and compliant with all parts of the service provided before being serviced. Please read through this form and electronically sign it before the start of your appointment. 


By making an appointment with The Dae Spa for any eyelash services you are agreeing to the following:


1. You understand and agree to have eyelash extensions applied to your natural eyelashes and/or removed or retouched at your request by making another appointment

2. You understand that on rare occasions there is a risk of having artificial eyelashes applied or removed from your natural lashes.  You understand that part of this risk means during or after the procedure you can develop an irritation or feel some discomfort. If this feeling occurs you are agreeing to contact a certified lash technician within 24 hours of your original service. 

3. You agree to disclose any allergies that you may have before the start of service (ex: latex, surgical tape etc)

4. You agree that by reading and signing this form you release The Dae Spa and owner Daesha Turnbo-Bauder from any claims or damages by nature

5. You agree that you fully understand this entire form and are in sound mind and fully capable of executing this waiver for yourself

6. You agree to have your before and after photos taken at your appointment and release these images for the business use to The Dae Spa and owner Daesha Turnbo-Bauder. 

7. By signing this form you agree to all pre and post care instructions listed on the website.

8. If you wear contacts it is a suggestion to remove them, but not a requirement. Please inform the use of contacts before the start of your service. 


Please make sure that you have read through this form in its entirety and ask any questions before signing and dating this form. 

Thanks for submitting!