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developed by owner, educator, and multi-licensed, Daesha Turnbo, 

is a salon that embodies inclusion, relaxation, and projects the importance for self-care. This space Is designed to provide high-class services that are geared to everyone individually.

This is a space that is designed to be your home away from home. Here we focus on inclusion and education; we are always striving to serve every race, gender, and age to be able to present the importance of why The Dae Spa services are valuable to all. 





Daesha is no stranger to the beauty industry which has led her to develop high-quality experiences within The Dae Spa.

From the aesthetics of the spa to the ability to have to the ability to offer multiple services to all.

The Dae Spa challenges the idea of being basic in any aspect. Developing a space for others to grow their dreams by continued



to those who are longing for a voice in the beauty industry was the highest priority for Daesha. We invited you to learn more about yourself starting from within with either the amazing services we offer or the education academy we offer to better yourself as a lash artist or esthetician. Thank you for taking time to slow down with us.

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