Reborn from Daesha Ranay Beauty, The Dae Spa's desire is to create a space that embodies inclusion, relaxation, and shows the importance for self-care. The Dae Spa is set up to give you a one on one experience that is like no other spa in Omaha, Nebraska. 


The aesthetics of the Spa are designed to make you feel as if this is your home away from home. To provide a sense of calm and relaxation that you may have been longing for. Owner, Daesha Turnbo, believes that each person should be able to experience what The Dae Spa has to offer. The Dae Spa is bigger than the walls it operates in and tries to share the importance of providing care for yourself to all. Thank you for taking time to slow down with us. 




Owner, Daesha Turnbo, is no stranger to the beauty industry. The infatuation with the industry began in 2015 with the love for makeup. Taking the love of beauty and turning it into a lifelong career is the only desire that Daesha held. The content and services that are put out for everyone to view are a reflection of the time and effort that has been put in to learn new techniques, researching different benefits of services, and developing ways to express the importance of self-care to others. Wanting people to feel heard and  their needs to feel like a priority, that is part of the foundation The Dae Spa is built on.  


Being a young mother ignites a fire in her to continue pushing forward and developing a legacy through entrepreneurship. As the owner of The Dae Spa, Daesha has also provided herself with creating a team that embodies the same attributes, brings great attributes to the team, and allows others around her to be a BOSS.